Shark Week’s in full swing, and I couldn’t be more excited! The Internet’s abuzz with cool shark facts and cringe-worthy photos.

If you’d rather not be shark bait this summer, commit these 5 ways to avoid shart attacks or getting bitten by a shark to memory.

5 Ways to avoid a shark bite

1. Don’t swim in murky water.

2. Don’t Wear shiny Jewelry.

3. Be a cool swimmer. Don’t Thrash around.

4.Don’t swim with open cuts.

5. Don’t swim when there are sharks in the water. Just Don’t Do it!

If you can’t follow any or all of these steps, buy travel insurance. It’s a lifesaver!

5 Ways to avoid a shark bite - Free inforgraphic
Free Inforgraphic

Happy summer beaching

5 Ways to Avoid a Shark Bite

Aug 12 2014