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Nothing excites me more than getting on a plane. Knowing that once I land, I’ll be off on another adventure just gets my adrenaline going. I would even argue that booking my flight is when the thrills really start to kick in, since that’s when things start to get real.
However, there are many travellers out there that don’t quite share the passion that I have for flying. Some have a true phobia of flying, but there’s another fear that puts travellers on edge: the fear of having your travel plans derailed, and never actually making it to your destination! Your health might prevent you from travelling, weather conditions could ground your flight, or your valuables could be lost by the airline. Fortunately for you, having the right travel insurance policies in place can help you get over your fear of flying.

Trip cancellation and interruption insurance

Assuming there’s an eligible reason, trip cancellation and interruption insurance is one of the most basic policies you can purchase that will reimburse you in the event you need to cancel part of or your entire trip. Your own health may prevent you from travelling, or a death or illness in the family may force you to cancel.
Trip cancellation insurance might also cover non-medical related events including; natural disasters, a job loss, or if you’re denied an entry visa by your intended destination. Don’t underestimate the value of having visa trip cancellation insurance. Some countries require you to book your flights and hotel before they’ll issue you a visa; by having visa trip cancellation insurance you’ll be reimbursed if you’re denied a visa for reasons beyond your control.
With trip interruption insurance, you’ll be covered in the event that one of your flights is delayed. Delays aren’t a pleasant experience, but knowing that any costs incurred during your delay will be reimbursed by your insurance policy will make things a little less stressful. TuGo™ Travel Insurance offers Trip Interruption as a standalone product, but you cannot buy Trip Cancellation on its own since it comes bundled as Trip Cancellation/Interruption.

train delayed
Planes, buses, and even old-timey trains can be delayed—no matter how much you plan. Arriving Back In Llangollen by Andrew is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License

Purchasing trip cancellation and interruption insurance presents you with options in case something goes wrong. If you’re the worrying type, it’s probably a smart idea to purchase a policy that gives you peace of mind and helps you get over the fear of flying.

Baggage insurance

Getting baggage insurance is a good way to protect your personal items from loss, damage, destruction, or theft. You won’t get your valuables back, but at least you’ll be able to replace them without hurting your wallet. Keep in mind that there is a maximum value that you can claim, so always try to keep your valuables safe.
Baggage insurance also covers you in the event your luggage is delayed in transit. Your airline might reimburse you, but good luck trying to make a quick claim! They might not even admit that your bag is lost for some time. With baggage insurance, your bags have to be delayed a certain amount of time before you can start purchasing replacement items, which makes sense. You don’t want to start purchasing new items only to have your bags show up a half hour later. This is true for TuGo Travel Insurance. Their Baggage policy, for instance, will pay for personal necessities if your bags are delayed beyond 12 hours. Obviously there are more conditions such as the maximum amount you can spend, what kind of items are covered, so be sure to read your policy. Lost or delayed baggage is arguably the biggest travel hassle, so make sure you have a policy in place.

flight cancelled due to weather
Weather delay by frankieleon is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License

If you do lose your bags and need to purchase new items with your credit card, make sure you know how to safely use your credit card while travelling.
Good to know: Baggage insurance is excess insurance, which means it may cover things your primary insurance won’t. Home insurance is an example of primary insurance.

Travel medical insurance

If you’re young, your health is probably not a huge concern, but that doesn’t mean you should take any unnecessary risks. Travel medical insurance will cover you if you require any medical attention when travelling. A quick trip to this doctor or the hospital abroad could cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Never travel without travel medical insurance; it’s a risk not worth taking.
Some people are scared to fly due to their current and past health conditions, but you can get over your fear of flying since travel insurance companies like TuGo will cover pre-existing medical conditions. Their Emergency Medical insurance for instance, will cover you as long as your health has been stable for a certain period of time, prior to the start of your trip. Stability duration is based on age and trip length, so it can vary quite a bit. Be sure to check this with your insurer.
Keep in mind that the length of medical insurance with your credit card is reduced once you’re over the age of 65. As always, read your policy’s documentation to make sure you have enough coverage. If you’re unsure, speak to a travel insurance broker. They’ll be able to identify your needs and help you decide on the right package.

Final word

You might not be able to get over your fear of flying with insurance alone, but you can get policies that will cover you in just about any situation. Delays, bumps and bruises, and lost luggage will happen to you eventually. Don’t let these minor inconveniences convince you to stay home; there’s no reason to be scared to fly with the right insurance policies in place.

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