Know before you go! From travel advisories to currency conversion rates, these helpful travel-related websites will help you feel confident before you hit the road.

The best travel websites for Canadians

best travel websites for Canadians
Canadian traveller researching travel websites

— an essential government website for all travelling Canadians!

  • Get up-to-date travel advisories and warnings.
  • Register with Canadian Consular Services before you leave. They operate 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, through a network of more than 260 offices in over 150 countries.
  • Sign up to get travel updates from the Department of Foreign Affairs.

— a currency converter that’s easy to use!

  • Quickly convert rates.

— travel advice and information for Canadians

  • Includes chat forums, news, flight/hotel prices, destination guides and more.

— international travel and health site!

  • Provides information on health risks for travellers worldwide.
  • Includes interactive maps and the WHO guide on safe food for travellers.

— Centre for Disease Control and Prevention

— World Weather

  • Includes regional and national forecasts.
  • Online source for global news.

— map search

  • Get specific directions to anywhere in the world!

— airbnb

  • Rent an apartment or room in your destination of choice
  • Choose amenities like wireless Internet, TV or kitchen (for more budget accommodation ideas click here!).

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Jun 4 2013