How long does your Canadian passport need to be valid in order to travel? To answer this age-old question, we’ve broken down everything you need to know about Canadian passport validity. Most people check their passport’s expiry date when planning a trip, but it’s important to note that you usually have to tack on an extra three months on top of your trip duration to fly to another country.

As Canadians, our passport globally ranks as the 6th most welcomed travel document, giving us the opportunity to travel to many countries without a visa. That being said, forgetting to check passport requirements before trip planning can often result in surprises.

Woman planning her next trip
Before you even start planning your next trip, have your passport handy to check the expiration date.

If you wait until the last minute or forget to check your passport expiry date altogether, you could be denied entry, and you may not find out until you’re boarding your connecting flight – which could leave you stranded in your stopover city. To avoid these situations, learn about the different passport validity requirements for your destination using our list below. We’ve compiled the validity regulations for over 75 popular travel destinations worldwide!

Canadian passport validity

Some countries require that you have anywhere from 1 to 6 months of validity from when you enter the country, while other countries start counting from the date you’re expected to leave that country (which is the case more often than not). A number of these are European countries, including France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Find out which countries require 6 months of passport validity in the list below so you can prepare in advance:

1 Month*
Costa Rica
Hong Kong
Vietnam (1 month beyond expiry date of visa)
South Africa

*Validity must be at least 1 month beyond date of departure from that country

3 Months*
BulgariaNew Zealand
Czech Republic^Poland^
France^Saint Lucia

*Validity must be at least 3 months beyond date of departure from that country

^ For countries belonging in the Schengen region, passport validity is calculated as 3 months beyond date of departure from Schengen area.

6 Months*
Antigua and BarbudaMalaysia
British Virgin IslandsMontenegro
Cambodia (6 months beyond date of entry)Morocco
FijiSri Lanka
Indonesia (6 months beyond date of entry)Thailand
India (6 months from date of entry)Turkey (6 months following issuance of visa and 2 months beyond date of entry)
Kenya (6 months on arrival)Ukraine
LaosUnited Arab Emirates
LebanonVenezuela (6 months beyond datye

*Validity must be at least 6 months beyond date of departure from that country

There are a few countries that are a little more laid back when it comes to Canadian citizens; they require your passport to be valid until the date of expected departure, such as the UK and Mexico.

Valid for duration of stay or date of expected departure
ArgentinaKorea, South
Dominican RepublicMonaco
GuatemalaPuerto Rico
JapanAustralia (valid on the day of entry)

Canadian passport validity for travel to USA

Do you cross the border often? If so, your passport should be valid until your expected return date. As Canadians, most of us cross the border so often that we forget to check our passports’ validity.

Tip: If you’re interested in tracking your border crossings, you can get a record of your USA-Canada border crossing history online.

Checking for Passport Validity

Validity regulations and requirements per country change often, so always check the entry and exit requirement section for your destination on The best time to check would be before you book your flight and hotel to avoid potential cancellation charges or fees.

Trip planning with passport and iPhone
Use helpful sites like to check your passport validity online

There are 3 main things you need to know when checking passport requirements:

  • Airlines have the right to turn away passengers who don’t meet the passport validity requirement
  • You also need to take into account the validity requirements for your layover or transit destinations along with your final destination
  • In case a country’s requirements are not clear, check in with the embassy, consulate or transportation company to confirm the rules and regulations related to passport validity

If you’re looking to renew your passport, always take the renewal time into account. Wait times are available at Rush services are available, but they are expensive, and proof of your emergency is required. Even if you don’t travel on a regular basis, be aware of your passport expiry date, and renew within the year it’s set to expire. If you miss your expiry by a year, your renewal process will take much longer!

Tip: The quickest turnaround times to renew your passport are between June and November.

As always, make sure to protect yourself with travel medical insurance before you leave for your trip, as your provincial health care will cover less than 10% of unexpected medical emergencies. And don’t forget, as of November 2016, Canadians with dual citizenship can no longer return to Canada by air using passports issued by other countries – they must use their Canadian passport.

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