By Dalene Heck of Hecktic Travel

Jet-lagged and yawning, I took my first steps in Ireland with my heavy bag in tow. I ambled down the sidewalk, came to the crosswalk on the small city street, and turned to my left to see if traffic was coming on the one-way.

Nothing. I placed one foot onto the street and was quickly yanked back to the curb by my husband. With a few milliseconds to spare, I had narrowly avoided being smacked by a large bus coming on my right.

“Oh, yeah. The Irish drive on the other side of the road.”

A quick action by my husband saved me that time, but I may not be so lucky the next. My husband and I immediately got into a “what-if” discussion, and any debate about buying travel insurance was washed away.

Even though travel plans seem airtight, all it takes is one moment to:

– Get hit by a bus

– Someone at home to get hit by a bus, warranting cancellation of upcoming travel, or dropping future plans in order to return

– An airline worker to make a quick mistake, sending my bag on a wayward path, never to be returned

– A quick-acting criminal to snag my purse while I momentarily am looking the other way

For any of these instances (and more!), the financial burden of not having travel insurance could be significant, maybe even too much to bear. For travellers, insurance is no longer an option, it is a necessity.

Having it gives us confidence, knowing that we are well taken care of. Travelling can’t be fully enjoyed when fraught with worries or “what-ifs” – having insurance in place allows us to explore worry-free, and to revel in being smart, savvy travellers.

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