It’s the time of year to spread some holiday cheer! We have a cherished holiday tradition here at TuGo: every year, employees get in the spirit by putting together holiday hampers for families in need. The assembling and decorating sometimes get downright competitive!

Yesterday, as part of our Social Responsibility initiative, we teamed up for the 14th year in a row with Westcoast Family Resources Society to provide hampers to 40 deserving families in our local community. Holiday hampers are one of many ways we’re giving back in our #MonthofGiving, and one of our favourite office events.


Staff are organized into teams, designating a TU employee for every member of the family. Each employee donates a $10 item for ‘their’ family member, and TU provides a Superstore gift card, hot chocolate mix, and a gingerbread house. The only rule: all the gifts must fit into a bankers’ box. It’s easy to go overboard and it’s often a challenge closing the lid! Ribbons, bows, shiny paper and toys litter the office floor for a brief moment in time as the teams compete (unofficially!) for the best-decorated hamper.

Our CEO Patrick is taking this seriously! Here he is, busy wrapping with his hamper team.

It’s a magical moment in the office during ‘Holiday Hamper’ hour: teams gather from different departments to create the custom-made holiday hamper for their ‘family’. This has become a favourite activity of many TU employees. We have fun thinking up something special for each kid, and something for the parents. It makes us feel like one big happy family, and it feels good to give collectively to those in need in our community. It’s also a great opportunity to connect with colleagues in other departments; our company has grown so much over the years, holiday hamper hour is a chance to get to know someone new!


It’s a proud moment to see all the hampers stacked together as they await delivery. It’s all part of ‘acting as we would be acted upon’ and setting aside some time to help put a smile on a child’s face.

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Our Holiday Tradition: Charity Hampers for Local Families

Dec 18 2014