Harrison Hot Springs

Harrison Hot Springs is a small BC town that is big on one thing: tourism. I myself have taken the hour-and-a-half day trip to enjoy its steamy hot springs and annual sand castle contest. But the area is also known to adventurers out there as the “Sasquatch capital of the world”.  

The town’s tourism site even boasts that you can find your “inner Sasquatch” there. The elusive Sasquatch/Big Foot intrigues visitors, and guided tours allow them to dream up their own Harry and the Hendersons moments.

The less adventurous can walk in Big Foot’s proverbial footsteps through Sasquatch Park. Legend has it that Sasquatch once roved this picturesque area, but today it offers serene lakes, forest and breath-taking mountain views–perfect for hikes, bike rides and canoeing. The park’s name was even changed in 1968 from Green Point Park, thanks to the legend.

Mount Cheam, British Columbia, Canada

If you visit in June, you can take part in the festivities of Sasquatch Days, an intercultural event that celebrates the heritage of the area.

If you’re planning a trip to BC’s Lower Mainland, Harrison Hot Springs is a departure from the big city—in a good way. If you love the outdoors, you’ll really enjoy your time. Whether you take a day-trip or enjoy a weekend getaway, Harrison Hot Springs has an online visitor’s guide to help you plan.

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Sasquatch Adventures in Harrison Hot Springs

May 28 2013