Long flights are the worst! Your neck gets stiff, you get a chill and you can’t help but be antsy waiting to arrive at your final destination. We’ve all been there. Here are my own tips to staying comfortable and relaxed while on long flights.

1. After you’ve gone through security and you’re in the terminal, fill up an empty water bottle that you’ve packed in your carry-on or buy a bottle of water before boarding. It can be difficult to keep hydrated when flight attendants only come around a couple of times to offer beverages.

2. Invest in a neck pillow with memory foam. (I found one and will never go back to the blow-up air ones – even if it takes up more space! Trust me; your neck will thank you.)

3. You may already know this one, but it’s a must for me on every flight…don’t forget to pack gum, especially if you’re travelling with kids. The takeoff can be especially hard on their little ears. Gum is also a great way to keep you alert and there’s nothing wrong with fresh breath either!

Mother and Daughter on Long Flight. Stewardess plays with child.
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4. Wear socks. Once settled, take your shoes off. If your feet get cold, ask for a blanket or use your jacket to wrap your feet in. This will prevent swelling.

5. It’s really important to move around when you’re on long flights to prevent 1) your feet from swelling 2) stiffness in your muscles and joints. You don’t want to spend your first couple of days nursing your sore feet, so walk the aisles to keep the blood circulating.

These are my must-dos for longer flights. Do you have any tips worth sharing with your fellow travellers? Let’s hear ‘em!

Happy travels,


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Staying comfortable on longer flights

May 7 2013