The dog days of summer are here! And with the mercury still rising, many Canadians are looking to beat the heat by hitting the beach. But if you’re travelling outside the country or even just to the next province to do it, make sure to get travel insurance including water sports first.

As fun as they are, activities like waterskiing, tubing, white water rafting, or even just swimming can be dangerous. Water sports travel insurance will make sure you’re covered if you have an accident, as long as you’re not participating as a professional. If you’re planning on doing some scuba or even snuba, check out our post on scuba diving travel insurance.

travel insurance including water sports

Read these tips and help keep yourself and your family safe this summer.

Water sports travel insurance

Before leaving:

  • Get a comprehensive travel insurance plan.
  • Understand what your travel insurance covers. You might need to purchase additional out of country medical insurance.

Water safety tips

  • Make sure children are supervised, even if they can swim.
  • Have all non-swimmers wear life jackets.
  • If you’re swimming in the ocean, watch the weather. It can quickly change and become dangerous.
  • Cooling off in a river? Always enter the water feet first when getting in for the first time.
  • Be cautious about swimming in currents and know what to do if you get caught. If you’re not sure if a beach or river is safe, ask the locals.
  • And finally…enjoy!

For more water safety tips, check out the Canadian Red Cross’s website. It’s a great resource! The Government of Canada’s website has some good tips too.

Have water safety tips of your own? Share below!

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Summer Travel Insurance and Water Safety Tips

Aug 14 2014