Canada’s 150th Anniversary: How Travellers Can Celebrate the Sesquicentennial

This is a big year for Canada. Our country is celebrating its sesquicentennial, turning 150 years young in July. Countless year-round celebrations are scheduled in Canadian cities and towns of all sizes from coast to coast—for local and international travellers, this couldn’t be better news. While Canada is already a bucket list-destination in its own

Mexico, Central and South America Travel Advisory: Zika Virus Alert

Are you heading to Central or South America for some R&R? Be sure to protect yourself against the Zika virus! The Public Health Agency of Canada recently reported an outbreak of Zika virus in Mexico and countries in Central and South America, which is spread via infected mosquitos. Symptoms include: Fever Headache Pink Eye Rashes

Travel Insurance for Backcountry & Off-Piste Skiing

If you’re a recreational backcountry skier or splitboarder planning to enjoy the backcountry or slackcountry this winter, TuGo’s Emergency Medical Travel Insurance will cover you for misadventures both on and off the mountain, and on and off-piste too! Despite the dangers of this extreme sport, backcountry recreationalists can be covered by travel insurance.

Cities on a Budget—Top Things to Do in Seattle

Over the next few months, TuGo and Money We Have are bringing you the “Cities on a Budget” series. Despite the falling dollar, the US is still the #1 travel destination for Canadians. We’re going to highlight some budget travel tips and things to do in each city including food you must try and any

What to Do in Saskatchewan—Land of Living Skies

Saskatchewan has always been close to my heart. For as long as I can remember, we’d take family road trips through the Rocky Mountains to visit my grandparents, camping along the way. The Rockies were spectacular, with their craggy peaks and hairpin turns, but Saskatchewan’s open skies and endless fields took my breath away. When

Tips to Avoid Out of Pocket Expenses for a Travel Medical Emergency

Below, we answer travellers’ questions about how travel medical insurance works and who foots the bills if you do need emergency medical care on a trip. In most cases, Claims at TuGo can pay the hospital or clinic directly, so you don’t have to pay out-of-pocket! What are out-of-pocket expenses? Depending on how you look

How to Buy Travel Insurance That’s Right for You

When it comes to travelling, insurance is usually the last thing we think about. It’s so much more fun to think about sipping sangria on the beaches of Spain, or exploring the urban jungles of Japan. However, without the right travel medical insurance, you could be setting yourself up for disaster. Healthcare outside of Canada