It’s unfortunate, but accidents can happen while you’re away on a trip. But by purchasing travel insurance before leaving, you’ll know that your assistance provider will help ensure you’re taken care of. That being said, many people don’t think to check what happens if their insurance expires while they’re still in the hospital.

Don’t panic! With the right travel insurance plan, you’ll still be covered. Here’s how it works.

If a medical emergency arises, contact your assistance provider ASAP. They’ll help manage costs and ensure you get appropriate care. If you have active travel medical coverage on the day you’re hospitalized, you’ll have an automatic extension without additional medical fees.

This applies as long as you’re in the hospital. A comprehensive policy should also provide coverage for up to at least 5 days after you’re released from the hospital to allow you to return home.

At TuGo, our Traveller policy includes an automatic extension to your policy for sickness or hospital confinement for 7 days, which also applies to your travelling companion and dependants at no extra cost.

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What To Do When Travel Insurance Expires While You’re In Hospital

Jul 22 2013