Unfortunately sometimes even the best planned trips can get derailed by   unexpected mishaps. In the event of an emergency, your travel insurance should help you when you need it most. So here’s what to expect if you require an air evacuation.

Air Evacuation

If you’re admitted to the hospital, the doctor treating you may suggest you be returned back to Canada for care. Although they will consult with your insurance provider’s doctors, you won’t be air evacuated against the doctor’s consent. After an air evacuation is approved, your insurance provider’s assistance team will find the closest available bed to your home and coordinate the evacuation (You can read a couple of case studies here).

While some conditions will require a full medical team, others will only require a medical attendant. A family member will often be allowed to travel with you too. Your provider should also arrange for your belongings to be brought home and coordinate your pet’s return too, when possible.

If you’re planning to travel but haven’t yet purchased your insurance, talk to your insurance professional; he/she can answer your questions and help you get the right coverage. This is important, since air evacuation can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $140,000 CDN, depending on the country you’re being transported from!

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When and how does air evacuation happen?

Jun 11 2013