Planning to fly to the east coast today? Well, thanks to Winter Storm Juno, you’ll need to prepare for flight delays or cancellations.

This huge winter storm may affect 7 states, from New Jersey all the way to Maine. Cities affected include New York, Boston and Providence. It’s forecast to leave as much as 2 feet of snow behind and could be “…the biggest snowstorm in the history of this city”, says New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. Winter Storm Juno may last until Wednesday! Find more information on Winter Storm Juno.

What does Winter Storm Juno mean for travellers?

Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption

As of this morning, the Government of Canada has not yet issued a travel advisory for non-essential travel to New York or other Northeastern states.

We provide coverage under Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption when the Canadian government issues a formal travel advisory or warning advising not to travel to your destination between the times you have purchased the insurance or booked your trip, and the time you’re scheduled to depart on your trip. Note that the advisory must still be in effect on the scheduled departure date. If this is the case:

1)    If you’ve already purchased your Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption insurance, you should be covered for flight cancellations, delays or schedule changes that cause you to miss a connection.

2)    If you haven’t left yet and choose to cancel your trip entirely, the cost of your trip may be covered.

3)    If you’re already there, and your trip is being interrupted, we may cover your unused non-refundable pre-paid travel costs.

Crowds of people hurry home as winter storm juno arrives

Emergency Medical Travel Insurance

If you’re already there and have an accident or injury, Emergency Medical will cover you up to your maximum benefit limit—including hospital and doctors’ fees, the ambulance ride, x-rays, and prescription drugs.

Continue to check the Government’s site for travel advisory warnings on Winter Storm Juno and other important international issues.

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Winter Storm Juno to Hamper Travel Plans

Jan 27 2015