Looking for some fun things to do in Manitoba? Whether you’re heading to the prairies on vacation, visiting family or just passing through—Manitoba has so much to offer. Try any one of these Manitoba attractions and make the most out of your stay in this beautiful province!

Photo of traveller riding a quad through fields, a top Manitoba attraction on any adventurer’s trip
You won’t know what you’ve been missing until you hop on someone’s four wheeler! A great way to cool down from the summer heat.

Ride a quad

With the wind in your hair and the hot Manitoba sun on your back, jumping on one of these babies will transform you into a giddy scream machine. Think you know quads? Think again. Nobody does quads better than Manitobans, so if you get the chance—rent one or say “Yes” when a friend offers you a ride! The flat prairies will make total sense when you’re going 40 kilometres an hour in a quad. Remember to travel smart—get adventure travel insurance before your high-octane endeavours, just to be safe. Definitely one of the Manitoba attractions you don’t want to miss!

Photo of the flatness of Manitoba’s wheat plains are a marvel for even a seasoned traveller.
Manitoba: wheat, grass, hay bales, and horizontal lines as far as the eyes can see!

Count the prairie dogs

Whoever counts the most, wins! If you’ve got a long drive ahead of you, this is a great game to play. These little guys are everywhere and it’s loads of fun to watch them spring their heads up and down before burrowing into the grass. As you drive along the highway, you can spot them in the fields and it’s amazing just how many you’ll end up seeing. This game is definitely a fun thing to do in and around Winnipeg if you don’t come from a place with many prairie dogs. Plus… those adorable little tails!

Head to the beach

Whiteshell, Falcon, Lester, St. Malo, Grand Beach, Gimli—Manitoba knows how to do beaches. The sand is always the best part, and sometimes the lake looks so big you’ll strain your eyes trying to see the other side; it will feel like you’re on the edge of the earth! There’s almost always a fantastic campground nearby, so make sure you bring your sleeping bag, or better yet—your RV.

Tip: If you’re looking for more fun things to do in Manitoba, head for Spruce Woods; there’s an actual desert nearby, with red sand and cacti. It definitely adds a mystical element to your vacation.

Have a meet & greet with snakes

Take a selfie by a snake pit and send it to all of your friends! The Narcisse Snake Dens is a favourite Manitoba attraction in the fall and early spring. You’ll be up close and personal with hundreds of these slithery creatures as they share their lives with you in an educational setting. This place is fun for the whole family as you learn about the importance of snakes in our ecosystem, just an hour’s drive from Winnipeg!

Photo of travellers’ skates on the snowy ice around the Forks in downtown Manitoba
Skating around the Forks is a favourite winter pastime. Bring your friends and loved ones and enjoy this perfect seasonal activity!

Visit the Forks

In the winter you can rent skates and figure eight to your heart’s content, and in the summer? Hop on a riverboat! The Forks is the epicenter of fun things to do in Winnipeg and you’ll be guaranteed to spend at least a few hours shopping, eating and playing outdoors in whatever the season’s elements.

Try a candied scorpion from Sugar Mountain, pick out your favourite sterling silver ring from the merchant upstairs, and let your kids run wild at the Kid Museum. If you’re visiting Winnipeg on a statutory holiday, something is guaranteed to be happening at the Forks for you and the whole family.

Learn about culture

Winnipeg is home to several multicultural festivals that highlight and celebrate different histories and identities in a fun, festive and delicious way. Try some snowy maple taffy at Festival du Voyageur in the winter, or watch an amazing hoop dancer on National Aboriginal Day in June.

Folklorama is also a particularly unique experience in August, with pavillions set up all over town—“travel the world” in a few brief stops and visit as many “countries” as you like! These are definitely some Winnipeg attractions you don’t want to miss.

Watch some live music

With the cold winters acting like cocoons for music-makers, you’ll find live performances in bars and venues all throughout the year. Getting a chance to watch some live talent might mean bragging rights in your future, because so many famous artists call Winnipeg home! If you’re more of an outdoor music fan, look no further. Manitoba boasts some pretty famous gigs, like the world famous Winnipeg Folk Festival, and of course the highly anticipated Dauphin’s Countryfest. Yeehaw!

Gaze at the Aurora Borealis

For a second it will feel like you’ve been whisked away to a magical universe because how could something this beautiful possibly exist? If you’re really lucky, sometimes you can see the lights from the city. Otherwise, most people take the train heading north to Churchill—one of the top three places in the world to view the Northern Lights, and one of the most spectacular Manitoba attractions you’ll see. Totally worth the visit, and you are guaranteed to fall madly in love with the sky at first sight. Being able to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights is one of Manitoba’s greatest gifts.

Road sign for Hazelridge, the perogy capital of Canada, on the side of a Manitoba highway
Despite what the sign says, there is no restaurant in this small town of 59 people! It just serves as a reminder to eat some delicious perogies.

Eat well

Craving a ma and pa restaurant? How about a fun American chain? As a city with one of the most restaurants per capita, Winnipeg is home to some very unique eats. Whether you’re in the mood for bison at Eat On Samosa, or feel like a hearty veggie omelette from (the legendary) Salsbury House, you’re guaranteed to get a fix of whatever it is you’re craving. If you have allergies, don’t fret—read our tips for travelling with food allergies. Oh, and do you like perogies? Home to Canada’s self-proclaimed perogy capital, Manitoba always serves the best perogies, made fresh and with love by someone’s grandma. One of the top things to do in Manitoba, without a doubt!

Photo of blades of grass in a Manitoba, Canada field.
Relaxation is a book, a blanket, and a field of beautiful grass. If you listen hard enough, you can hear the crickets.

Lay in a field

When the weather’s right, one of the best free things to do in Manitoba is to lie in the middle of a prairie field and stare up at the sky. You can literally lay a blanket down and relax alone with a book for hours; it really gets rid of that gritty city build up and it’s guaranteed you won’t want to leave! You’ll be enveloped in blue sky as the clouds transform into cool shapes right above you for entertainment. It’s the cheapest form of relaxation therapy around!

Remember: travel insurance is always a smart decision, even if you aren’t leaving the country. Here’s why you need travel insurance, even within Canada.

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Photo of Vancouver blogger-traveller Jaclyn who writes a Manitoba travel guide Born and raised in Vancouver, Jaclyn lives for her prairie adventures. She’s visited most major cities in Canada thanks to Greyhound and being able to fall asleep easily on the bus. A fan of rain sounds, caffeine, and the CBC – Jaclyn majored in Communications and spends most of her spare time reading and writing about people, places, and predicaments.
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