5 Worthy Destinations Outside Your Comfort Zone

By Dalene Heck of Hecktic Travels
Typically, Canadians are pretty easy to please when it comes to vacations. When the harsh winters roll around, any place with white sand beaches and drinks with umbrellas will do, usually from the enclosed safety of an all-inclusive resort.
It’s not often that people venture farther than Mexico or the Caribbean. And for those that stick to those few countries, they may be sadly missing out on grand experiences and adventures that other locales have to offer.
Here are five very worthy vacation destinations to push you a little further out of your comfort zone.


Valle de Cocura Colombia
Stories from the 1990s of this war-wrought country are still alive and well today, causing an unwillingness to view Colombia as a vacation spot. The truth is, this tropical country’s shady past is long gone, with many locations eager and willing to graciously host visitors. Expect strangers to approach you in the streets, shake your hand and welcome you, gushing and thanking you for your visit. They are eager to be rid of the ongoing perception of instability and danger.


Why escape a Canadian winter to head for more ice and snow? Because the best time to visit Antarctica are in the early winter months, and the views of glaciers, penguins and more are just too good to pass up.


This highly populated country can be daunting for even the most experienced travellers, given the rampant poverty and chaos found in some areas. The key to visiting India: start south and head north. The south, being more modern and less densely populated, offers a gentler introduction to Indian culture, making the scenic but hectic north easier to experience.


This land-locked, mountainous country in South America is one of the continent’s most diverse. From Amazonian jungle to the jaw-dropping salt flats in the southwest corner, Bolivia also has a significant indigenous population (over 60%) which offers a very unique cultural experience.

Morocco Marrakech

This north African country has long been envisioned as an ultimate exotic destination, and for good reason. The sights, sounds and smells of Morocco are almost as foreign as you can get. The highly-touted city Marrakech can be overwhelming for some but thrilling for others. Consider heading to the smaller coastal town of Essaouira for a more relaxed and intimate Moroccan experience.
Hecktic TravelsDalene is a digital nomad who has been travelling the world with her husband since 2009. Follow her journey at: http://www.hecktictravels.com.

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