The Costa Blanca, also known as the White Coast, borders the Mediterranean Sea in the province of Alicante, Spain. It’s a well known tourist destination and is quite popular among European travellers. It was originally invaded by the Moors  who introduced agriculture, irrigation, and orchard farming. The gastronomical culture in the Costa Blanca is shaped by its rich and varied heritage. Here, I’ll focus on the top five dishes to try out if you ever have the pleasure of visiting.

  1. Arroz a Banda

    Arroz a Banda, Photo cred: Thermomix Recipes
    Arroz a Banda, Photo cred: Thermomix Recipes

    Rice and fish are commonly used in most local dishes. Arroz a banda, a rice dish cooked with fish and spices, is no exception.  It is an aromatic dish flavoured with saffron, pepper, garlic and other spices. It usually comes with an aoli sauce made with lemon, olive oil, mustard, and garlic. The rich fishing culture in the province of Alicante makes this a fresh, local favourite.

  2. Denia Prawns

    Denia Prawns
    Denia Prawns, Photo cred: Aidan “Trig” Brooks

    The Costa Blanca is also home to Denia prawn, considered one of the best types of red prawn in the world. Restaurants on the Costa Blanca take full advantage of this. They are served simply – fried in olive oil, and seasoned with garlic. Denia prawns can be expensive during peak seasons, so travellers who just want a taste can opt for small, tapas-style portions in many bistros along the coast.

  3. Paella

    Paella cooked over a fire, Photo cred: Lereile Lereile

    Most of us know of paella, a rice dish made with saffron, seafood, and chorizo. Snails, shellfish, and shrimp are just some of the seafood commonly found in paella. Some types of paella even include beans or rabbit meat. The rice used to is harvested from the Costa Blanca and Valencia regions.

  4. Buñuelo

    Buñuelo is a popular, deep fried pastry that is usually sweet, but savoury versions are known to exist. The traditional Buñuelo is usually flavoured with anise.

  5. Turrones

    Delectable turrones, Photo cred: RobynLee

    Turrones is a well-loved dessert, usually made with local, gourmet ice cream by artisans from the Valencian community of Jijona. If you’re lucky, your turrones will contain special add-ons like honey and almonds!

The Costa Blanca belt is a great place for a gastronomical tour. Apart from the dishes listed above, several types of wine are also available. Wine enthusiasts can try out the wine in different towns of Costa Blanca such as Jumilla, Abanilla, Jalon and Teulada.

Evilena Lucy is a travel blogger who enjoys cooking and occasionally, sketching. She works at Esta Visa and regularly contributes to blogs around the web.

5 Dishes To Try On The Costa Blanca

Aug 22 2013