We’re here to help 24/7. Here are some handy tips to get ahold of us if you’re dealing with a medical emergency while travelling abroad.

From Canada & the US: 1-800-663-0399
From Mexico: 001-800-514-9976 or

Need to call us from outside of Canada or the US?

Calling from outside of North America means using a global toll-free number. There might not be rhyme or reason behind these global toll-free numbers, so no one expects you to memorize them!

Take note of the one that applies, and mark it on your wallet card. This will make it easier to call us for help with your travel medical emergency or if you need to notify us about a hospitalization or make a claim.

how to contact tugo
Contacting your travel insurance should be easy.
You shouldn’t have to go to unreasonable lengths!

If you’re dealing with a medical emergency while travelling abroad, follow these two easy steps:

1. Dial the Canadian international access code

  • 00 in most cases (such as Argentina, China, Denmark, France or the UK).
  • 001 from some places (such as Hong Kong and Korea).
  • 0011 or 00111 from Australia. These numbers are just weird.

2. Next, dial our global toll-free number: 800-663-00399

You’ll reach someone friendly who will be glad to help you.

We offer assistance based on your situation, and answer your questions about hospitalization. Another way to contact us is to call a Canada direct access number: this will allow you to speak to an English or French-speaking operator. You can then place a collect call to 1-604-278-4108.

For a full list of access codes, see What to Do in a Medical Emergency.

Not sure if you’re dealing with a medical emergency? Read Things You Didn’t Know Were Considered Travel Medical Emergencies.

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How to Contact Us While Travelling

Aug 19 2015