When you’re living the travel life, you’re constantly on the go. As you’re moving from place to place and trying to make the best of the time you’ve got, taking care of how you look is often what’s sacrificed.

There are a number of tips and tricks to avoid sticking out like a tourist, all while retaining your personal style and travelling lightly. From what you should pack to how you should dress, here’s a guide for how you can stay stylish during your travels.

Get to know your destination

Prepare what you’re going to wear by getting familiar with your destination. The main considerations to think about are the climate, the time of the year, and the cultural dress codes. When you’re equipped with knowledge of season and what weather to expect, along with the local style, you’ll be best informed on what you should pack.


Stay organized

Find an organized system for reducing the time and effort spent on packing, re-packing, and rummaging around for your favourite pair of blue jeans within the abyss of your carry-on.

One game-changer that I’ve tested and love are packing cubes. You can use packing cubes to easily compartmentalize tops, bottoms, and each category of your garments. Cubes help save precious space in your luggage by compressing and stacking your clothing, making your load easier to access and surprisingly lighter as a result.

Keep track of the clothing and accessories you bring on your travels by writing a packing list and re-evaluating your list at the end of your trip. This will make the packing process effortless the next time you travel.


Stick to the basics

When selecting what items to bring, stick to the basics. Think classic staples that can work in different settings, not seasonal fashion items. Choose foundational pieces that can be mixed and matched and worn multiple times, and your outfits can be built around those essentials. For example, I always pack black and white tank tops, as they can be paired with a cardigan and jeans for a casual day look, or paired with a skirt for a fancier evening look. For dress up occasions like dinners and shows, bring a black dress or a linen dress shirt, as those can be used again and dressed down during your trip. By mixing, matching and layering basic pieces, you can create more outfit variations with less options!


Select a colour scheme

Having a consistent and versatile colour palette to work with provides a good base for outfit coordination. Neutral colours like black, white, grey, and beige are easy to mix and match with each other as well as other hues you choose. To add a pop of colour, select a few matching shades within a similar colour family, or stick choose within the range of cool or warm tones. You may want to align your colour scheme to where you’re going, like wearing bright colours for a tropical getaway. If you’d like to be a bit more adventurous, you can toss in your favourite pattern, like stripes or polka dots.

Pick a signature piece

A statement piece showcases your unique signature style. Accessories like necklaces, hats, ties, and a stylish yet functional crossbody bag can jazz up your outfits in a pinch while taking up little room in your luggage. When I travel, I like to bring scarves that symbolize the countries and cities I am visiting, such as a tartan scarf for Scotland and an artistic and colourful patterned scarf for Barcelona. As well, I like to pick up scarves as souvenirs when I’m shopping. Picking up your signature accessories on location is a great way of incorporating international cultures into your wardrobe while getting a special memento to bring home.

When travelling to cold climates, pick adaptable and versatile outerwear that can work with different outfits. Your coat will be featured in all of your photos, so choose wisely!


Walk miles in shoes that fit

With all the walking you’ll be doing during your trip, make sure to choose comfortable, durable, and versatile footwear that pairs well with your outfits. For example, comfy yet chic pairs of white sneakers and flats will work for both day and night. Leave your four inch heels and clunky Doc Martens behind.

Spritz on your signature scent

Fragrances are the finishing touch of your style package. Bring a travel size or atomizer of your signature perfume or cologne along with the rest of your toiletries. You’ll feel fresh and put-together and have a whiff of home wherever you may roam.

Overall, the keys to staying in style while travelling is to opt for minimalism and comfort and embrace the unique elements of your personal style. You can and you should look good and feel good as you make memories during your travel adventures!

Happy packing,



How to Stay in Style While Travelling

Jan 6 2020