All avid bikers will agree – nothing beats the thrill of the open road and the exhilaration of riding a two-wheeler. But while the element of danger makes it fun, it also leaves the rider vulnerable to many uncertainties on the road. Ardent motorcyclists, Mark and Lori faced a medical emergency in 2014 during their riding trip in Powell, Wyoming. They accidentally hit a deer and got severely injured in the process.

Luckily they had travel insurance and after weeks of treatment, they’ve now recovered completely, bought a new motorbike and are planning more motorcycling vacations together. Nothing can stop this cool motor biking couple!

Mark and Lori agreed to share their story, to help fellow motor cyclists and travellers facing a similar situation. Here’s an account of their motorcycle accident and the role Claims at TuGo played to get them home safe.

A motor vehicle accident lands Mark and Lori in hospital

When Mark and Lori hit that deer, Lori faced a thumb fracture and was rushed to the nearest hospital for a minor surgery. Mark on the other hand, sustained more serious injuries and suffered from broken ribs and a pneumothorax. He was immediately taken to an ICU in Montana for further treatment.

Mark Rovang next to the Yellowstone National Park sign in Wyoming with his motorcycle in the foreground.
Mark Rovang next to the Yellowstone National Park sign in Wyoming with his motorcycle in the foreground.

As Mark’s condition stabilized, they thought they would be transferred to a hospital close to home in Alberta soon. But complications related to his chest tube and pulmonary contusion prolonged their hospital stay in Montana by a few more days. Mark was finally transferred to a hospital in Hinton, Alberta via air ambulance and was able to recover completely in the care of his provincial health services.

How the TuGo team helped during a critical time

TuGo’s customer service and claims team helped Lori with all aspects of the claim once she called in to inform us about the accident. We advised her to contact the auto insurance company as a primary insurer and co-ordinated with a range of service providers such as nurses and doctors from the US and Canada, social workers, and medical evacuation and air ambulance professionals, to help Mark and Lori get the best care and service possible. TuGo also worked with their auto insurers to get the best possible outcome for their claim.

Mark and Lori talk about their experience with TuGo

Both Mark and Lori shared some kind words with TuGo team members who helped them with their auto and travel claims. Here’s their testimonial and review in their own words:

Mark and Lori on a bike trip to the Washington Coast.
Mark and Lori on a bike trip to the Washington Coast.

“Lori and I cannot thank you folks enough for all the hard work that you did on our behalf after our motorcycle accident in September 2014. Your timely communications, actions and dedication are the very definition of professionalism and we both feel very fortunate to have had the both of you looking out for our best interests. Our accident was trauma enough without adding the additional stress of having to handle the documentation and correspondence that goes along with the medical bills and payment. It would have been overwhelming to say the least.  Both Lori and I feel that it is important that the people that you work for, or report to, know of the incredible level of service that you folks have extended to us and recognize you for it. “

~ Mark and Lori Rovang

We know how scary a medical emergency away from home can be and were extremely glad to provide Mark and Lori with the care and guidance during such a difficult time. We want to thank them for letting us share their story and also want to give a big thumbs up to our Claims and Customer Service team for taking such good care of them. Watch a similar TuGo travel insurance review by Bridget Milsom who suffered a mountaineering accident in Nepal.

Preparing for a medical emergency away from home

If you’re an avid biker like Mark and Lori, remember to purchase travel medical and auto insurance. Your auto coverage may have limits or restrictions that won’t cover all the expenses when a serious accident occurs. Adding coverage will ensure that you and your travel companion are covered and taken care of in case of any kind of medical emergency, especially when travelling out of your province.

In case you do get involved in any unfortunate motor vehicle accidents, here’s everything you need to know about making a motor vehicle accident claim.

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Mar 21 2016