What Happens Once You File a Travel Insurance Claim

Medical emergencies, illnesses, trip cancellations, trip interruptions, lost baggage and other unexpected mishaps happen, even on the best trips. That’s why many travellers rely on Emergency Medical Insurance and Non-Medical Travel Insurance to protect them from common claims and other unexpected events.

If you’re a TuGo customer and have to open a travel insurance claim with Claims at TuGo, you can do so online, by phone or in-person (if you need a reminder on how to file your claim, just follow these simple steps). Some travellers aren’t sure about what happens after this step, so here are answers to some frequently asked questions about what happens after you’ve submitted a claim.

Note: If you’re wanting to open a Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption claim due to a Canadian government travel advisory related to COVID-19 (coronavirus), the advisory must be in effect on your scheduled travel date. Please wait to contact us until the day of your planned travel date or afterwards. We’re unable to assist you with opening a claim or confirming coverage prior to this point. To make a claim, please submit online or call 1-800-663-0399 or email claims@tugo.com.

I’ve filed my claim — what’s next?

Once you file your claim and hand over related documents to Claims at TuGo, dedicated Claims Examiners will collect and review your medical records and history, if applicable. They’ll coordinate with you and other providers involved, including international hospitals, doctors, other medical practitioners, provincial healthcare plans and other insurers.

Everything is handled in-house and never by third party claims administrators, so you can be confident that we’re handling your claim with care from start to finish. After a decision has been made on your claim, you’ll receive a letter detailing what your coverage did or didn’t cover.

How long do claims take to process?

Claims are handled on a case-by-case basis, depending on the nature of your claim and other factors involving third parties.

Though some things might be out of your direct control, there are several ways to speed up the travel insurance claims process. Keep in mind that it’s in your best interest to fill out all forms completely, provide as much accurate information as you can, and include original documents, such as related bills and itemized receipts. This will help you avoid any unnecessary delays in the claims process.

We’re committed to processing your claim as quickly as possible, but some cases might take a little longer than others to resolve. That’s because, as mentioned, we coordinate with a number of different providers, such as the medical providers where your emergency was dealt with and your family doctor back home.

Note: Roughly 50% of travellers don’t send back their claim forms within 30 days of receiving them, which causes delays. If claim forms aren’t received within this time period, Claims at TuGo will follow up, but all claim documentation must be received within one year from the date the claim occurred.

What if I receive a medical bill after already submitting my claim?

Sometimes, you might receive a medical bill from a provider after you’ve already sent us your claim forms and supporting documents. If that happens, feel free to send the remaining documents to us as soon as you receive them.

Other times, the provider might have already received payment from Claims at TuGo, but their automated system might not have shown the full payment right away, resulting in an outstanding balance in error. If this happens, do not pay these bills and contact us — we’ll resolve the issue on your behalf.

What if my claim is denied?

While we do everything we can to pay out claims, there are reasons why travel insurance claims can be denied or partially covered. When you buy travel insurance, you have a responsibility as the policyholder to read and understand your policy in order to avoid any misconceptions about your coverage. If you don’t understand your coverage, be sure to contact your insurance broker or insurance provider before you leave for your trip.

Have any questions about submitting travel insurance claims? Let us know below!

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