It’s 2014! One of my resolutions: more travel.

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Here’s what’s topping my travel list right now–the beaches of Ghana are calling my name! Photo cred: Frontier Official

If you’re planning to travel too, whether it’s a quick trip across the border or a trip abroad, don’t forget to buy travel insurance before you go.

Having been in the travel insurance business for almost 50 years now, we know you have questions, and we’ve got a team of professionals to answer them.

Read on for 3 more frequently asked travel insurance questions.

Q. When should I buy travel insurance?

A. You should always buy travel insurance before leaving on your trip to make sure you’re covered. Choose a Multi Trip Annual Emergency Medical Insurance plan, Single Trip Emergency Medical Insurance plan or an All-Inclusive Holiday Package to suite your needs.

Be sure to get coverage for your entire trip, including the day you leave and the day you return.

Visiting Canada? Then you can purchase medical coverage or holiday package insurance at any time.

Q. Can I cancel my policy?

A. There are many reasons you may have to cancel your policy. Luckily, most plans can be cancelled before the effective date found on your policy declaration page.

However, be aware that if you make any cancellations after the effective date, you may not be eligible for a refund.

Q. My trip details have changed or are incorrect, what should I do?

A. If your trip details have changed or are incorrect, it may affect a potential claim. To update your details, contact your provider’s customer service department and let them know as soon as possible. They’ll be happy to make the changes for you.

Have other questions? Read Part 1 of our travel insurance FAQ’s series, or comment below and we’ll do our best to answer!

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More of Your Travel Insurance Questions Answered

Jan 14 2014