Our customer service and claims teams constantly work with travellers who are sick, injured, or hospitalized. One part of their jobs involves coordinating a web of services: procedures, surgery, hospital rooms, air evacuations, you name it. However, the other part involves a human touch by ensuring that our customers and their families feel supported in any situation.

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Medical bills associated with helping Canadian travellers who are injured when away.

We understand that travellers nowadays are looking for real and honest travel insurance reviews to make informed decisions when purchasing travel medical insurance. Having a medical emergency abroad is a scary experience, and we want travellers to have a better understanding of what’s involved. A while back, we had the pleasure of chatting with Laura Schurer who needed to make a claim. She had only kind words to share about the women who worked on her husband’s claim: our Case Manager, Mandy, and our Claims Examiner, Helen.

Laura and Bob were vacationing in La Quinta, California, when he started experiencing chest pains. Laura shares her story below:

When Bob recognized that his sudden onset of fatigue was not “normal”, we felt he should go to an urgent care centre.  We called TuGo before we left and they were very helpful and authorized our request.  The results of the EKG indicated that an immediate ambulance transfer to a hospital was required and, again, I called TuGo and they confirmed the transfer and requested that I keep them informed.  At this point, TuGo and their physician contacted the hospital directly for updates which allowed me to look after my husband. I began dealing with Mandy from TuGo and she was outstanding. The hospital had confused our medical records with another Canadian patient and this created chaos.  Mandy was my rock – she clarified the misinformation from the hospital and kept me calm when incorrect release dates and a potential post-surgery medi-vac were requested by the hospital.

TuGo dealt with everything: emergency testing, an angiogram, and ultimately, open heart surgery and post-operative treatment. 

When we returned to Canada, the claims process was delayed due to the mix-up in the file with the other Canadian patient.  Again, we had outstanding service from Helen, a Senior Claims Examiner.  She coordinated with the hospital to rectify the misinformation and kept us informed, on a regular basis, of our claims status.  We really felt that she was doing everything in her power to ensure that TuGo received all the correct information so they could properly assess our claim.

Although the whole experience has been a shock, we are very grateful to all the staff we dealt with at TuGo for their support.  We felt that they were a tremendous help during a very difficult time and we appreciated their compassion and dedication.

We’re so pleased that Bob received the best care during this ordeal. We’re also glad that Laura reached out to share their story. Huge kudos to Mandy and Helen, and the rest of the customer service and claims teams, for the helpfulness and empathy they put into each claim.

Hopefully this lovely travel insurance review is helpful, and serves as a good reminder to purchase travel medical insurance before you leave for your next trip.

If you’re a senior looking to purchase coverage and have questions, here’s a comprehensive guide on travel medical insurance for seniors. We want you to have the best, care-free travel experience, so prepare yourself with these tips on answering your medical health questionnaire to avoid any confusion.

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