Have you seen the recent news about travel insurance customers getting stuck with huge medical bills because of mistakes on medical health questionnaires? I wanted to provide some tips on how you can avoid this so that your life savings don’t go down the drain.

How to Protect Yourself When Answering a Medical Health Questionnaire

how to fill out a medical health questionnaire for travel insurance

1) Cover your bases by reviewing it with your doctor

, especially if you have a condition or are taking medication. No condition is too small.  Note that aspirin no longer needs to be counted as a medication for heart conditions/disease.

2) Get a hard copy of your questionnaire and fill it out.

Some questionnaires get filled out over the phone, and you may not even see a copy. As you can imagine, some details may get left out this way. If your health isn’t as black and white as, say, a sprightly young 18 year old, get a copy and fill it out yourself. If you need help, ask your doctor or travel insurance provider for some guidance.

3) Include all the medications you’re taking.

Not sure if it’s important or “major” enough to include? Include all medications anyway, even non-prescription ones  (except Aspirin). This will give you peace of mind that you’ll be covered if something happens to you while travelling.

If All Else Fails…We’ve Got You Covered

We’ve found unintentional mistakes or omissions on medical health questionnaires a big reason claims get denied, so we’ve created a safeguard to protect you. Our 50 years of experience in the travel insurance industry has allowed us to adapt our products based on our customers’ experiences.

Our Traveller policy allows you to pay a medical health questionnaire deductible in the event you’re faced with a huge medical bill but would traditionally be denied coverage because of an unintentional mistake. What this means is that we show some understanding when it comes to an oversight on your medical health questionnaire. We are one of the only major travel insurance providers in Canada to address this. Rather than deny your claim based on an error, we will apply a deductible if the claim was otherwise payable. Consequently, the largest financial loss for you will be that deductible.

how to fill out a medical health questionnaire travel insurance
You’re covered. Your only thought should be to enjoy the beautiful sights on your travels, like this one from the walled city of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Although the deductible isn’t cheap, (it’s $15,000 for our Traveller policy) it will make a huge difference if your medical bill is in the tens, or even hundreds, of thousands. You’d be surprised how fast the bills add up if something happens abroad; a $100,000 claim isn’t uncommon. Here are some travel insurance claim tips.

Knowing your options is the best way to protect yourself. Pass this on to your loved ones, especially those who have more complicated health issues, who have travel plans in the near future. And my last bit of advice—read your policy. Yes, policies can be lengthy (we’re working on that) but your travel insurance provider should make it easy for you to ask questions. Here are the 5 essential questions you need to ask your travel insurance broker before buying.

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Happy travels,

Patrick Robinson

*We received this letter from our customer, Ron L., shortly after he read about the unpaid travel insurance claims in the news. A huge thank you to Ron for taking time to share his experience with us.

patrick robinson tugo My name is Patrick Robinson, and I run TuGo, which is one of the top travel insurance providers in Canada, and has been around since 1964. It began in my parents’ living room almost 50 years ago, and has managed to remain family-owned to this day. I can’t compare to those who travel for a living, but I have been to some amazing places in my lifetime.
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