We just received this message from our customers, Ron and Wendy L., who wanted to share their story with others. 

“We are feeling a great deal of gratitude right now.  Hours after watching the recent CBC news coverage about travel insurance denials, we received an email from our insurer, TuGo.  It read in part that our claim had been approved and that “we are in the process of reimbursing your health care providers.” This was great news to us, and a great relief after seeing on the news that other customers with other providers weren’t as well protected as us.

travel health notice for measles

Last February my wife and I were in Arizona when she became violently ill.  I contacted Claims at TuGo and they advised we go to the nearest hospital. A quick admission, diagnosis and plans for surgery followed within a few hours.  The agents we spoke to were empathetic and helpful. They wanted to try for a surgery back in Canada.  I preferred to have the treatment in the US, and they agreed if Canadian arrangements could not be made in a timely manner.

Only a few hours later the ambulance arrived at the Chandler Regional Hospital. A Medevac jet sat waiting on the tarmac and three highly qualified nurses and two pilots ensured Wendy’s and my comfort—including that of our family dog, should we have chosen to take her with us. We had a smooth, rapid flight straight to Canada (Claims at TuGo had coordinated with the air ambulance company so that Customs was taken care of behind the scenes), and another waiting ambulance in Edmonton. After an efficient admission, a quick surgery, and great post op care, we were back in our family home. Claims at TuGo then offered to transport our car and motor-home back to Canada or to fly us back to Arizona via commercial airline. We flew back South.


This company bears the awarded designation as one of the “Best Managed Canadian Companies.”  It shows in their people, practices, and policies. I am a former senior health care executive and I was very impressed with the consistency in their employees’ sensitivity, knowledge and professionalism. Every contact was timely, efficient and effective and the policies were all client centered. It is also apparently one of the only Canadian travel insurance companies that will apply a deductible rather than deny a claim outright in the event of an unintentional error or omission on your medical health questionnaire. Their investigations appear to look for honesty rather than a policy “escape clause.”

We fear things in proportion to our ignorance of them.” – Christian Nestell Bovee

There is no need for anyone to fear international travel, if we become informed about the best options. Our brokers, the Simpson Group in Calgary and our insurance provider, TuGo are clearly among the best of the best.  Check them out! ”

Ron L.

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Why I Recommend TuGo

Jun 2 2014