5 Things Snowbirds Should Know Before Travelling

Feb 7 2020
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It’s the dead of winter, and as Canadians hunker down from coast to coast, there’s one lucky group of them that have their mittens holstered and toques in storage: the snowbirds. Every year, thousands of Canadians make their way to warmer climates, often spending the bulk of their winter salting margarita rims instead of sidewalks.

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Solo Senior Travel: 3 Ways to Vacation for Independent Adventurers

Apr 6 2017
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The idea of travelling alone can be intimidating for many people. When considering things like eating meals, staying in hotels, and going on tours, some may feel insecure about partaking in these activities independently. But seniors are the perfect demographic to capitalize on independent travel – with retirement and the ability to travel during off-season, […]

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