TuGo’s Traveller Medical Health Questionnaire: FAQs for Senior Travellers

Jun 7 2017
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If you’re over 60 and love to travel, you’re probably familiar with a Medical Health Questionnaire (MHQ), which must be completed to determine your rate (not your eligibility) for TuGo® Travel Insurance. Our Customer Service team receives many calls about how medications and treatments impact MHQ rates. While we can’t speak to other travel insurance […]

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Travel Insurance & Stability: What You Need to Know

Nov 22 2016
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When it comes to travel insurance, stability for pre-existing conditions can be a tricky topic to understand. To keep things simple, we’ve outlined everything you need to know about stability in relation to travel insurance, along with a few short examples to help you understand how coverage applies in different scenarios! Interested in learning more? […]

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