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Instagram: It influences, entices, inspires, and sometimes, even makes us compare ourselves. But it also gives us access to content that we wouldn’t otherwise see. Think about all the attractions and restaurants you wouldn’t have explored, if you didn’t see them on Instagram first! We’d miss out on so many destinations, people, culture, and landscapes if the world wasn’t at our fingertips.
Thankfully, these out-of-this-world travel bloggers make it easier (or more difficult—you be the judge) for us to decide where we’re travelling to next. With their beautiful captures and glorious editing skills, these Instagrammers are the real deal. Without further ado, here are our top 10 travel-themed Instagram accounts to follow:

Becky van Dijk


As the founder of We Are Travel Girls, a female travel community, website, and swoon-worthy Instagram account, it’s no surprise that Becky made our list. She loves to document all her adventures, and share travel tips and tricks, including how to avoid the crowds in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

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Tara Whiteman


Known primarily for her bright, colourful edits and beautifully-planned colour schemes, Tara’s feed is nothing short of magical! Most of her photos don’t even look like real life, so they’re sure to spark some sort of inspiration for your next adventure, wherever that may be!

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Luca Pezzolo and Alessandro Zorzin


This stylish duo knows where to go, and how to do it. Follow along for epic adventures to Verona, South Africa and more (and gather some fashion inspo while you’re at it)!

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Jack Morris


As the other half of well-known travel blogger @gypsea_lust, Jack is one of the travel influencers that started it all. With many of his photos going viral, it’s no surprise that he paved the way for many “Instagram husbands” to travel the world with their significant other, snapping photo after photo in their newest destinations.

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Emilie Ristevski


If you’re looking for less of a bright, colourful feed, and more of a neutral, earthy feed, Emilie has just the photos for you. Her photography features her latest adventures in with focus on the backgrounds and landscapes she finds herself in.

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Julian Deschutter


As the co-founder of the group travel company Chasing Sunrise, Julian is no stranger to travel photography. On Instagram, he shares his travels through his own lens, and adds a personal touch through his thoughtful captions.

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Brayden Hall


A hiker’s dream: Brayden’s Instagram account is made for the adventurist. Featuring various images of the west coast’s majestic waters, Brayden always knows just how to capture the right shot. But fair warning: he may just convince you to go on that hike you’ve been putting off!

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Ashley Dinh


If you’re looking for an epic adventure, there’s a good chance that Ashley will have some inspiration for you! Based in Alberta, Ashley is a big fan of hiking, the outdoors, and chasing the furthest waterfalls.

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Paolo Altruda


As a cinematographer that travels (and just so happens to know how to take a mean photograph), Paolo Altruda takes you along on his outdoor adventures, one drone shot at a time.

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Aleja Odessey


Not only is Aleja a successful Instagrammer, documenting her trips one grid-square at a time, she’s a YouTuber as well! Whether your preferred media is photo or video, Aleja’s got the content for you! Check out her latest video on Cartegena, Colombia here.

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We know there are so many other Instagram accounts to follow, but we thought we’d help you out by narrowing down some of our favourites! What are your go-to Instagram accounts to seek inspiration? Share them with us in the comments below!

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