Travel Plans Changed? Get a Voucher for the Days Left on Your Travel Insurance Policy

We understand that travellers have faced many challenges with worldwide travel restrictions and advisories while being urged to come home by their respective countries. These uncertain times have called for unprecedented measures, which were never a part of anyone’s travel plans to begin with. That’s why we want to make it a little easier for our customers with Emergency Medical policies, by offering travel insurance options for future travel.


Can I get a travel insurance voucher or refund?

  • If you’ve already travelled on this policy and had to return home early, you can apply for a partial refund or voucher for the days remaining on your Single Trip policy or Multi Trip Annual extension.
  • If you had to cancel your trip and your policy hadn’t yet gone in effect, you can apply for a full refund or voucher worth the value of the refund amount.
  • Other important requirements to be eligible for a voucher or refund, you:
    • Must be covered under a Single Trip policy or Multi Trip Annual policy extension.
    • Haven’t made a claim or don’t intend to make one.
    • Are requesting a voucher within the same timeframe that a refund can be applied for (details found under “Refunds” in your policy wording).

Why is a travel insurance voucher the way to go?

Opting for a travel insurance voucher for future travel plans takes the hassle out of having to reapply for travel insurance when we can all travel again. And who isn’t dreaming of getting away when this is all over? Here are 4 reasons why TuGo’s Travel Insurance Voucher is the way to go:

  1. An added minimum of 10% more days to the future policy! Bonus days are based on the number of days you have remaining on your Single Trip policy or Multi Trip Annual extension. We’ll round up the bonus day, offering you at least 1 extra day free of charge.
  2. Save on administration fees! No admin fees mean you’ll be able to save for more important things.
  3. Save time & effort with less paperwork. By choosing to apply for a travel insurance voucher instead of a refund, you won’t need to provide documents to prove that you’ve already returned home to Canada.
  4. Flexibility to split your voucher days: You’ll have the flexibility to split up your days of coverage over more than 1 trip.

How do I explore voucher and refund options?

  • Visit the Travel Insurance Voucher page to read more about the benefits, how we’ll calculate your bonus days and other important information.
  • Don’t think the voucher will be a fit? Head to “What about travel medical refunds?” section in our FAQs to find out how to apply for a partial or full refund.

No matter what your choice, we want you to know that we’re here to serve you in your future travels, just as we’ve always done in your past travels. And don’t worry—when the time is right, we will travel again.

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