Would you give up Netflix, coffee, alcohol or your cell phone to travel?! If you said “yes” to any of these, you’re not alone! According to a Contiki study, 95% of the millennials surveyed would give up these and more to see the world. And we totally get it! However, as travel becomes a priority for many, and more people explore the globe, the greater the environmental impact.

In celebration of World Oceans Day tomorrow, we’re encouraging everyone to do their part—that’s why we’re sharing some ideas for minimizing our ecological footprint while travelling.

While you’ll want to take steps to become a responsible traveller and consider choosing a sustainable travel destination to start, you can make an impact by choosing to pack eco-friendly products that are better for the ocean, too.

Read on for items to pack, from reusable straws to collapsible water bottles, biodegradable soap, and more.

Packing a reusable straw is just one small way you can contribute to a cleaner ocean and greener planet.
Packing a reusable straw is just one small way you can contribute to a cleaner ocean and greener planet.

1. Reusable drinking straw

Plastic straws pile up, break, pollute the ocean and damage marine life—especially turtles. Many businesses in North America have stopped using them and are distributing paper ones instead… and some establishments are forgoing them entirely.

However, in many countries it’s still common to receive a plastic straw with your drink. In some places, you’ll even get your drink in a plastic bag with a plastic straw in it!

That’s where reusable drinking straws comes in. Pack your own and do your small part for the ocean. But with so many options, where to start? Here are a couple options:

The Koffee Straw was rated #1 by NY Mag. It comes in 2 sizes (8” and 10”) and works for all kinds of drinks, both hot and cold. It’s made of %100 non-stick silicone—a healthier choice for you and the planet.

There’s also the FinalStraw! Their mission is to “reduce plastic straw use by giving you a convenient, collapsible, reusable alternative.” Their straws have cute carrying cases with quirky names that draw attention to ocean life they mean to protect like: Suck-ulent Green, Shark Butt Grey and Healthy Coral. Throw one in your bag and go!

collapsible reusable water bottles
Bring a reusable water bottle with you every where. Or take it the next level and make it collapsible, so you have no excuse when packing it for travel. You’ll stay hydrated and avoid using tonnes of disposable plastic bottles as well.

2. Collapsible water bottle

And here’s the perfect antidote to those plastic drink bags (many of which end up in the ocean)! A reusable, collapsible water bottle that shrinks down to half its size, AKA the que bottle. Collapse this baby, throw it in your bag and take it with you everywhere, so you’re always hydrated. While in transit, fill it up après security and pre-flight so you don’t have to keep bugging the flight attendant for water.

Made of 100% plastic free silicone, the que bottle is non-toxic, BPA free, odour free, bacteria resistant and safe to use with both hot and cold beverages.

And bonus! 10% of proceeds are donated to the Rain Forest Trust, protecting land in the Peruvian Amazon rain forest. Que also partners with Grand Canyon Trust, Coral Reef Alliance, and other non-profit organizations to donate proceeds of the bottles purchased.

It also comes in super cute colours like Misty Mint, Coral Pink and Cloudy Grey! What’s not to love?

Reusable silicone containers
Packing your stuff in reusable containers like Stashers, is a great way to avoid disposable plastic bags.

3. Stashers

Why stuff your belongings into disposable Ziploc bags? Try Stashers instead! Stashers are a reusable alternative to disposable plastic bags and containers. These handy carry-alls are made from platinum silicone, composed from natural resources, mostly sand! How cool is that?

In their words, “Stasher is a patented, award-winning design that is eco-friendly, environmentally safe, and long-lasting… [it’s] the smart alternative to plastic.“

We agree—these packets are smart! Use them to:

  • Pack cosmetics and toiletries
  • Store your wet bathing suit
  • Carry snacks for the plane
  • Tote vitamins
  • Protect your phone or wallet while you’re on a boat or at the beach

In fact…what can’t they be used for? Have ideas? Share below!

Pack all the products you really want to bring and still fly carry-on! Transfer all your faves to Jetsetters Silicone Travel Bottles and you’re good to go!
Pack all the products you really want to bring and still fly carry-on! Transfer all your faves to Jetsetters Silicone Travel Bottles and you’re good to go!

4. MYTAGALONGS Jetsetter Silicone Travel Bottles

Never compromise on the products you really want to bring on your trip by purchasing overpriced travel-sized minis just so you can fly carry-on. They never have what you really want anyway, am I right? Instead of purchasing new bottles every time you travel, grab some of these handy Jetsetter Travel Bottles from MYTAGALONGS and fill them with all your favourite products.

They’re made of soft, durable silicone, carry-on approved, and are perfect for storing lotion, shampoo or conditioner. And best of all, they’re reusable and eliminate the need for disposable plastic bottles. 

biodegradable liquid soap
Want to minimize what you’re packing? Try a multi-purpose eco-friendly soap like Dr. Bronner’s. Wash everything with it…even your socks if you need to.

5. Bronner’s 18 in 1 soap

While you’re at it, make your travel soap of choice eco-friendly too. Throw some Dr. Bronner’s 18 in 1 Soap into your Jetsetter Travel Bottle and you’re set to fight any grime that comes your way. And when you’re travelling, that can be a lot!

This soap is so versatile, you won’t need to bring any other, so you’ll free up lots of space in your luggage! You can use it to wash the following and more:

  • Face
  • Body
  • Hair
  • Cosmetic brushes/sponges
  • Dishes
  • Food
  • Socks

And too many other things to mention. Some fans even use it as toothpaste!

It’s biodegradable, organic, made with fair trade ingredients and comes in great scents from lavender to green tea, eucalyptus to unscented.

We hope we’ve inspired you to go green on your next trip, and to keep the environment in mind on your next trip in time for World Oceans Day. Have any favourite earth-friendly travel products of your own to suggest? Share in the comments below!

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5 Eco-friendly Products to Pack for the Conscious Traveller

Jun 7 2019