The travel bug is spreading, and more Canadians are opting for more adventurous itineraries. Planning to escape the ordinary this year? Whether it’s a backcountry ski adventure in the Alps, or surfing the Hawaiian waves, make sure you’ve got travel insurance. This comes in the form of a good travel medical insurance policy, which will protect you in case an adventure doesn’t go as planned.
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Adventure travel may entail more risk than a sedentary vacation, so it requires insurance that’s built to lessen those risks. Here are some things to consider when buying travel insurance for adventure holidays:

Travel medical insurance for Canadians

Make sure you purchase comprehensive travel medical insurance. Your credit card or group plan coverage may have limitations and may not meet your individual needs.

Your travel medical insurance should include benefits like:

  • Hospitalization or medical treatment as a result of a medical emergency
  • Ambulance services
  • Medicine and/or drugs
  • Emergency air transportation
  • Dental services
  • Repatriation

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Travel Insurance for Extreme Sports Adventures

Adventures often include partaking in extreme sports. Remember that travel insurance for extreme sports is a must-have in case of any mishaps. This, again, includes protecting yourself with a good travel medical insurance policy. Learn about the different benefits of travel medical insurance for the following sports:

Be advised that many policies exclude professional sports, and sports like scuba diving unless you’re a certified diver, so be sure to confirm with your insurance provider whether it is covered. If you are interested, read more about our travel insurance for scuba diving.

Coverage for an extended trip

If you’re planning to take an extended adventure, it’s important to know for how long you can get travel insurance coverage. For more information, read about trip length coverage.

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Escape the Ordinary: Get Adventure Travel Insurance First!

Feb 25 2015