One of our favourite travel sites,, came out with tips on how you can ensure your luggage arrives safely, and we think they’re really helpful. Here are a couple of our favourites:

  1. Check-in early

    Your airline needs time to process your baggage and get them on the correct plane. If you arrive with just minutes to spare, there’s a greater chance that they misprocess or misplace your luggage.

  2. Avoid short layovers

    Same idea as the first tip; the less time it takes airline staff to process and transfer your bags, the more room for mistakes. Try to avoid tight layovers, and make sure your layover is at least 2 hours long.

    How to prevent lost baggage

    If you like these first two tips, you’ll love the rest! Check out 5 other ways you can prevent lost luggage on Smarter Travel. Although these tips won’t guarantee your luggage will travel worry free, having baggage insurance will give you peace-of-mind. Understand what baggage insurance is, and how it can help if your bags arrive damaged or—worse yet—don’t arrive at all.

Already have travel insurance from your work plan or credit card?

Make sure you check what kind of coverage you have. Is your travel insurance coverage enough? Barry Choi from has some great tips to help you understand your coverage.

Don’t have travel insurance? Here are 5 questions you need to ask your travel insurance broker before buying.

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How to Prevent Lost Luggage

May 13 2014