Insurance Brokers Need Travel Insurance Too

You never know when you’ll need emergency travel assistance. Here’s one broker’s story of how travel insurance saved him from unnecessary anxiety and hassle.

When Calvin Ball, one of our Business Development Managers, was visiting one of our partners Sam*, Sam shared with him an interesting story of how he himself needed travel assistance.
Insurance Brokers Need Travel Insurance Too
While in Las Vegas with his wife and some friends, Sam became ill. The situation progressively got worse over the course of 20 hours. In this time, he became severely dehydrated and so weak he couldn’t even leave his hotel room to get into a taxi. His wife called our Customer Service department, who instructed her to call an ambulance.
Our team located a hospital and instructed Sam’s wife to tell the ambulance where to go; Sam’s paper work was already done and direct processing set up before he even arrived. Diagnosed with food poisoning, he was treated and released five hours later. During this time, Sam overheard another couple debating whether or not they could afford to pay for treatment; he was very relieved that he was covered by travel insurance and he didn’t have to make any decisions. There’s nothing worse than making a decision under pressure, right?
While the hospital bill was $4,000, all Sam had to do was pay a small deposit (that was later reimbursed) and he was on his way. When he returned to work from his vacation, Sam shared his story with his colleagues. He reinforced the importance of letting customers know that it can happen to anyone, even their own insurance brokers!
Mishaps and accidents can happen, so being protected is the best way to avoid having to make really important health-related decisions on the fly.
Happy travels,
* For privacy reasons, we have been asked to withhold the real name of the broker involved. 

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