Bridget Milsom Reviews TuGo Travel Insurance

We love to hear from our travellers! Bridget Milsom had a mountaineering accident in Nepal and lived to tell her story and experience using TuGo Travel Insurance. Warning: this travel insurance customer review might inspire you to travel more!
This North Shore Search and Rescue volunteer and experienced first-aid trainer always carries TuGo Travel Insurance wherever she goes. Not only is she still travelling the world, she’s still climbing mountains! Watch this video to find out how we were able to help Bridget conquer her mountaineering accident in Nepal and get her home safe.

A TuGo Travel Insurance Review by Bridget Milsom from TuGo on Vimeo.
Want to hear other travellers’ TuGo experiences? Here are a few more customer reviews: read why Ron and Wendy L will never fear travelling again and how TuGo helped Laura Schurer avoid a hospital mix-up!
Why do you buy TuGo Travel Insurance? We’d love to hear from you, too! Leave us a comment below.
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