With temperatures rapidly dropping, wanderlust is certainly kicking in. If you’re looking for a winter-sun destination, why not travel to the Caribbean? The various islands ensure that everyone will have a great time with a smile on their face. Do you love wildlife and jungle terrain? Check out Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast! If white beaches and constant sunshine are more your speed, travel to Cuba for a rich history lesson and great weather. No matter which country you choose to visit, it’s important to pack your travel insurance along with your bathing suit. Read on to find out which coverage is best for you!

Tip: Are you Canadian? Good news – many Caribbean destinations don’t require a visa!

Your Guide to Travel Insurance for the Caribbean

Emergency Medical

Travelling is the perfect opportunity to try something new. Whether you’re eating local street food or going on a crazy adventure, it’s important to protect yourself in case a situation goes awry. Look for a solid emergency medical plan and don’t forget your provincial health plan doesn’t cover extra fees, such as:

• Return of your vehicle
• Prescriptions
• Home/private nursing
• Medical equipment rentals
• Flying family members to your bedside
• X-rays
• Doctor’s visits
• Hospitalization
• Emergency air transportation

Tip: If you end up in a hospital, let the medical team know that you have travel insurance. In most scenarios, this will get you into a private hospital because they know the bills will be covered. Not only will the facilities be better, but you’ll most likely receive better treatment – win win!

Baggage Insurance

Don’t get stuck having to buy clothing from tourist shops out of pocket. Use baggage insurance to cover the essentials you need if anything is to go missing on your trip.

Don’t lose your bag to the unknown, buy baggage insurance instead.
Invest in baggage insurance in case your luggage is lost, damaged or delayed at the airport

TuGo’s optional baggage insurance covers Canadian residents travelling outside of their home province. Here’s what we cover:

CoverageTuGo Travel Insurance
Payment for lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen baggage and personal effects, anywhere in the world, on water, land or in the air
Coverage for stolen currency due to theft or robbery, up to the benefit limit of $100
Payment for personal necessities if your baggage
is delayed, up to the benefit limit of $200

Sports & Activities Optional Coverages

Are scuba diving, zip lining or other fun activities on your bucket list? Make sure you’re covered with one of TuGo’s sports & activities optional coverages! Most common sports will be included under your emergency medical plan, but there are some that need extra coverage. For example, if you’re skydiving to experience breathtaking views of the islands, you’ll need the Adventure Sports option for the best protection. Read about which sport is covered under which plan here! Have more questions? Contact us or comment below to let us help you out!

Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption Insurance

Travelling is full of surprises – some better than others. If an unexpected event happens, such as a natural disaster, loss of a job, death of a family member or a personal medical situation that requires you to cancel your trip, Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption Insurance will protect the financial investment you’ve made for your trip. Unexpected natural disasters and diseases are just two of the many reasons that stress the importance of travel insurance.

Protect yourself from hurricanes with trip cancellation & trip interruption insurance.
Unfortunately, natural disasters can happen. Make sure you have Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption Insurance to protect you in case you’re stuck in a hurricane.

Hurricane season occurs between June 1 and November 30, with peak months usually from August to October. If you’re vacationing during these months, be prepared with the right non-medical plan in case a hurricane travel advisory is in effect before you leave, forcing you to cancel or interrupt your trip.

Concerned about the Zika virus? If you’re pregnant or want to become pregnant, do your research to find out which countries in the Caribbean to steer clear from. Check out the Government of Canada’s Travel Advice and Advisories page or The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for additional information.

If you’ve already booked your trip and a formal travel advisory to avoid all travel or avoid non-essential travel to your destination is in effect after the fact, you may be covered under our Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption plan, if you’ve purchased it.

Tip: Travelling to a Zika-affected country? Ready about our 3 tips to avoid mosquito bites!

All-Inclusive Resort

Many Caribbean islands offer all-inclusive resorts that have everything you could possibly need, all in one spot – including alcohol. Drink responsibly when you’re away as booze and travel insurance don’t mix. Not only could your claim be denied if alcohol is involved, but it could also be detrimental to your health. Did you know that binge drinking could make your heart skip a beat? It’s called holiday heart syndrome, which is an irregular heartbeat in an otherwise healthy person. Make sure you understand your travel insurance policy so you’re not caught paying the medical bill yourself.

Information to Know Before You Go

Your island of choice will probably depend on what type of vacation you want. Some islands are more remote with lots of adventurous activities, while others are beach oases with trendy hotels, restaurants and shops. Decide on your interests and pick the island from there. Along with finding the island that’s made for you, it’s important to know the entry and exit requirements in order to arrive prepared. Use the chart below to understand what you need to arrive at your destination and travel back home safely. For more information, visit the Government of Canada Travel Advice and Advisories page.

Tip: Looking for deals? Travel packages will most likely be offered for the more popular destinations. But be warned, the tradeoff could be a more expensive island filled with tourists.

CountryEntry RequirementsDeparture TaxTravelling with childrenOther
Aruba• Health Insurance (travel insurance that includes health insurance)
• Return or onward ticket
• Proof of sufficient funds
upon departure, included in airline
ticket price
Special documentation• Embarkation and Disembarkation card
(ED-card) must be completed upon booking your travel
• Yellow fever vaccination
Barbados• Onward or return ticket
• Intended address
Included in airline ticketSpecial documentationYellow fever vaccination
Cayman IslandsNeed a valid photo ID (driver’s license) and proof of citizenship (birth certificate) only if
travelling by direct flight from Canada. All other scenarios require a passport.
N/ASpecial documentation• Yellow fever vaccination
• Advised to bring a passport in all situations
Cuba• Health Insurance (insurance policy,
insurance certificate, medical assistance card accepted)
• Onward or return ticket
• Proof of sufficient funds
25 CUC
(may be included in airline ticket cost)
Special documentation• Can’t leave country with outstanding medical bills
• Tourist card
• Yellow fever vaccination
Dominican RepublicReturn airline ticketUS$20Special documentation• Drug screening
• Register biometrics (fingerprints and facial scan)
• Tourist card (US$10)
• Yellow fever vaccination
Jamaica• Onward or return ticket
• Proof of sufficient funds
C$20Special documentationYellow fever vaccination
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines• Return airline ticket
• Proof of sufficient funds
40 Eastern Caribbean dollars cashSpecial documentationYellow fever vaccination
Turks and Caicos
• Return ticket
• Need a valid photo
ID (driver’s license) and proof of citizenship (birth certificate) only if
travelling by direct flight from Canada. All other scenarios require a passport
N/ASpecial documentation• Advised to bring a passport in all situations
• Yellow fever vaccination

From a quick dose of Vitamin-D to spending Christmas on the beach, the Caribbean islands are great sunny destinations to visit this winter! Pair the sunshine and adventures with the right travel insurance plan and you’re bound for a memorable trip.

Where’s your favourite Caribbean destination? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy sun-soaking vacation,


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