Despite spring’s arrival in many parts of Canada and the United States, the snow just doesn’t seem to be stopping! Many North Americans are crossing the border to take advantage of the snowy fun. And that’s why travel insurance for winter sports is more critical than ever.

Why is travel insurance for snowboarding so important?

Consider this!

On the first day of 23-year-old Will’s snowboarding vacation, he crashed. He was taken to the hospital where a doctor recommended surgery for his broken wrist. However, Will didn’t need surgery immediately, so his wrist was put in an immobilizer. He returned to Canada the next day, ending his vacation early.

Luckily, Will bought travel medical insurance, as well as Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption, before he left. He was covered for over $4,400 for ambulance fees, medical costs, unused accommodation costs and snowboarding passes.

This is a picture of a man snowboarding.
Snowboarding travel insurance

Snowboarding travel insurance Canada

If you’re snowboarding abroad, be sure that you buy emergency medical travel insurance, which in the event of an accident, will cover the ambulance ride to the hospital, medical and doctors’ fees, x-rays, the rental of crutches, etc. If you’re backcountry snowboarding, you’ll need to buy Adventure Sports Optional Coverage. You may also want to consider buying non-medical travel insurance , in case something ends your vacation early.

Not a snowboarder, but an avid skier? Check out information about Travel Insurance for Skiing.

Wherever and whatever winter sport tickles your fancy, enjoy the snow! It will be gone before you know it.

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Travel Insurance for Snowboarding

Mar 24 2015